APSRTC Tirupati Package from Bangalore

It sounds like TBTP Balaji Travels is being highlighted as a special and reliable tour operator for the APSRTC Tirupati Package from Bangalore. Offering a 100% confirmed Balaji Darshan and being recognized as the best Andhra Pradesh (AP) Tourism operator for the Bangalore to Tirupati trip indicates a strong commitment to providing a dependable and satisfactory pilgrimage experience.

APSRTC Tirupati Package from Bangalore, including details about transportation, accommodation, darshan tickets, meals, guided tours and the itinerary. This information is valuable for pilgrims looking for a well-organized trip to Tirupati from Bangalore.

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APSRTC Tirupati Package from Bangalore

Bangalore to Tirupati APSRTC Package

About the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, Bangalore to Tirupati APSRTC Package may offers one day tour from Bangalore to Tirupati. However, We can provide you with a general highlighting of what such the tirupati packages might typically include:

  • Transportation : Multi Axle Volvo SemiSleeper AC bus with video facilities (49 seats).
  • Accommodation : 1-hour freshup accommodation options in Tirupati, possibly in collaboration with PLR Grand hotels.
  • Balaji Darshan Tickets : Inclusion of Rs. 300 Balaji Darshan tickets for Lord Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala.
  • Meals : Breakfast and lunch are provided as part of the APSRTC Tirupati Package with food offerings from PLR Grand Hotel in Tirupati.
  • Guided Tours : The Bangalore to Tirupati APSRTC Package may include guided tours to significant religious and cultural sites in and around Tirupati and Tirumala.

The APSRTC Tirupati Package appears to cater to the convenience and spiritual needs of Tirupati Balaji pilgrims, offering a well-organized and inclusive experience. Tirupati Balaji Pilgrims can contact TBTP Balaji Travels for specific details, Date availability and the booking process

APSRTC Tirupati Package Bus Boarding Points

Bangalore to Tirupati APSRTC Package by Bus

Bangalore to Tirupati APSRTC Package Bus Itinerary

  • Day 1
  • Evening 8 PM to 10 PM: Pick-up from Bangalore for the overnight journey to Tirupati.
  • Journey overnight to reach Tirupati.
  • Day 2
  • Arrival: 1-hour FreshUp arranged in Tirupati for balaji pilgrims to refresh.
  • Breakfast: Provided after freshening up.
  • Visit to Padmavathi Temple: Proceed for darshan.
  • Tirumala Hills: Travel to Tirumala Hills for darshan at Balaji Temple.
  • Shopping and Laddus: Time allotted for shopping and acquiring Laddus.
  • Lunch: Return to Tirupati for lunch.
  • Return Travel: Depart from Tirupati and head back to Bangalore to conclude the trip..

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